Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prior to becoming a CZT, I attended a class in 'Psycho-symmetry' taught by Jill Voelker at the Plymouth Art Guild, Plymouth MA.
In Jill's own words, this art form is: "Drawing freehand spontaneously creating shapes and patterns that correspond symmetrically and the artist develops a personal piece of internal perspective that displays their subconscious mind.  Psycho-symmetry provides balance, proportion and harmony in a creative exercise for the psyche as you explore the subconscious 'playground' of your mind and spirit."

It is through the use of color that this art form brings you to another level.  A design initially done in black pen will be copied many times and colored in different ways to create an elaborate collection of unique pieces.
There is no limit to the creativity psycho-symmetry provides; pieces can be cut, flipped or arranged to create an infinite possibility of design.  The completed work is so personal and versatile that you can get lost gazing at the finished creation.
On February 24, the Plymouth Art Guild will be holding the opening reception for the Student/Teacher art exhibit.  My 'psycho-symmetry' art will be among the pieces being displayed.
I am excited to see what people think...or am I?

Here is a picture of the original piece prior to adding color.  I will take a picture as it hangs in the gallery and post it here after February 24.

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